Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Expert

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Expert

“Helping you to generate more sales and leads using the Internet”

Digital marketing consultant specialises in website promotions. Services provided by digital marketing consultant such as Anton Psak, enable business owners and marketing managers to increase their return on investment from online marketing. The consultant provides specialist digital marketing services such as those now implemented by the most successful businesses on the Internet. These include Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimisation and Local Optimisation. All of these strategies can be used to increase brand awareness online, in turn helping to generate more sales and lead creation.

A majority of poor ranking websites suffer from a poor build structure or from a lack of quality backlinks or often both. Consultant offers a range of digital marketing services which can be tailored to your market and business model; all designed to increase an efficient return on investment.

They are proud to offer robust digital marketing solutions such as:

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local SEO Services

Let SEO consultant help you to solve these challenges!

Even those skilled in digital marketing, often struggle to run a business while finding the time needed to manage their own marketing strategy. Outsourcing these skills should be considered a sound investment as you concentrate on running the everyday priorities of your business.

The digital revolution is now well underway, and it has never been more important to be highly competitive on the Internet with a digital marketing strategy and realisation. Those planning for online success will reap the benefits of a more significant market share in correlation to their digital marketing efforts.

There has never been a better time to invest in digital marketing, whether Search Engine Optimisation or Local marketing. Those that fail to do this will be left behind as their competition utilise these strategies in order to dominate the online market place.

Keyword Research

Fact – The success of your digital marketing strategy and success on-line relies upon Keyword Research! You can read more about market research here https://www.antonpsak.me/the-importance-of-market-research-for-successful-businesses/

You might have the best product on the market and the best-looking website on the Internet. However, if you have neglected keyword research, you are more than likely destined to fail online. It is crucial that you understand the value detailed keyword research can offer your business and digital marketing campaigns. Quite simply it is vital for the future success of any digital marketing campaign, to invest in the most critical initial phase; keyword research.

Keyword research is the bedrock to any successful digital marketing campaign

Keyword research identifies which pages of the search engines your website really needs to be found on. You may find that being on page one of Google for the term ‘buy red widgets’ is fantastic, it makes you feel good! However, if you can only deliver ‘red widgets’ to London, you are probably more likely to benefit from a campaign focused on the search results page ‘buy red widgets in London’. This might sound obvious; to this day it is amazing to watch so many getting this wrong. You need to know precisely what words your customers use to find your services when they are using the Internet; this is keyword research.

Keyword research enables you to:

  • Identify the BUYING KEYWORDS YOUR customers use to find your services or products
  • Identify the keywords your competition are using to INCREASE their business revenue
  • IDENTIFY new markets you have yet to exploit
  • DEVELOP a fully optimised website from the ground up
  • Plan a COST EFFECTIVE digital marketing campaigns
  • COMPETE online! Your competitors are using keyword research for online success

Whether you are looking to outsource keyword research on behalf of a client or planning the viability of a potential online venture for yourself. A digital marketing consultant can help you to unearth the truth about the actual keywords your business needs to focus on in a marketing campaign towards; the keywords your prospects use to find your products or services.

An SEO consultant may offer this as a standalone service or indeed as part of an ongoing SEO consultation or Search Engine Optimisation marketing campaign. Do not be fooled by companies offering to rattle off free keyword research reports. The detail that needs to go into this most crucial aspect of your project needs to be undertaken with laser-focused precision.

Local SEO Services

“With 3000% more local business enquiries than the Yellow Pages, the time has come to promote using Google Plus Local”

It is time to connect to your local customers where it matters, and by using local SEO, you can do just that via mobile technologies. Yes, most intelligent business owners or marketing managers know about local SEO, very few, however, are maximising their local marketing reach and potential using this superb search platform. The local marketing search ‘war’ has well and truly started and if you do not take action to start claiming your share of the local search, someone else will. Don’t let your competition gain the upper hand, an SEO consultant can help you win the local SEO battle hands down to dominate your marketplace and smash your competition.

Why should you consider Google Plus Local?

  • Would your business benefit from more local phone calls and ‘footfall’ by your target audience?
  • Would your business benefit if more smartphone users found your business?
  • How much business is your competition stealing from YOU?

SEO consultant understands how important it is for business owners and marketing managers alike to achieve a solid return on investment. SEO consultants should be able to guarantee that they NEVER cross promote. Therefore when promoting their clients using Google local SEO, or indeed any of their digital marketing solutions, they should guarantee not to promote a local competitor at the same time. I know from experience that there aren’t too many other marketing companies prepared to work to that level of commitment.

Every client can rest assured that they are investing in one of the most robust local digital marketing strategies while knowing their investment is in safe hands. Ignoring local SEO for many business owners will have a detrimental effect on their business growth as their competitors choose to invest in this superbly powerful marketing and overtake them in the search engines to win more new local business.

Try it for yourself. Consider what search words you might use to find your business locally and use Google to search for ‘your business type in your town’. Do you find YOUR business or that of your competition?

Benefits of using Google My Business?

  • INCREASE YOUR telephone enquiries. More customers = more sales!
  • INCREASE YOUR email enquiries from potential customers = more sales!
  • INCREASE trade enquiries from local business partners or even national agents.
  • GAIN a competitive edge for YOUR website within your local market place!
  • INCREASE YOUR market share while frustrating your competitors as YOU WIN!

With organic search results being more focused towards ‘local marketing’ with ‘local results’ it has never been so important as it is now. The exponential rise of ‘mobile marketing’ means business owners have more reason than ever to strive to outrank their competition in the local listings. Those found easily are those used more often by the target audience.

This service can be used by everyone. No matter whether you have a Google Local listing already, or you need one set up from scratch. SEO consultants are highly skilled and able to produce superb results for your local page.

You are one phone call away from being guaranteed a page one local listing, but you must take action to secure a promotion. They do not ‘cross promote’ which simply means if they are already signed up to work with a business in your sector, then they should not work with another company in that area at the same time.

Search Engine Optimisation

“The process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the ‘natural’ or un-paid search results.”

When Search Engine Optimisation is correctly implemented, your website will be found and therefore used by a more significant number of prospects from within your target market. In essence, if your website converts your products and services well, then your business stands to gain increased revenue and leads from qualified increased website traffic.

Hand-crafted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for every client

Digital marketing consultants strive to tailor a bespoke SEO campaign for each and every client. Not only that, they will be completely honest about the balance you need to find between relevance, traffic and competition. You are wise to be very wary of any SEO service offering ‘out of the box’ or guaranteed rankings. Google themselves tell you to be careful of such search engine optimisation services, and they are right to do so.

Rest assured SEO consultant never have and never will, promote any website towards low traffic, therefore useless search terms that are easy to rank for. Rest assured they won’t be using your investment solely for their own gratification. For more information on what is SEO, see this page for more details.

They have experience working with existing website owners to successfully promote already published websites successfully to page one within the Google search results. They are also highly qualified to help website owners create a powerfully optimised website project from paper to pixel.

No matter what size your budget, whether £200 or £2000 per month, they can deliver laser targeted, bespoke SEO campaigns that are designed to achieve targeted Google page one results and increase your business in return.

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